Mangemangeroa Reserve – Auckland

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From the main entrance carpark, pathways lead through pasture to the main walkway. The walkway can also be accessed from the end of Sandspit Road, Pohutukawa Ave, Hayley’s Lane and Point View Drive. The walkway passes by a waterfall, mature and regenerating native bush, freshwater creeks and boardwalks over mangroves and mudflats. The walk includes steps and some short steep sections.

At low tide, it is possible to walk from Shelly Park Beach to Cockle Bay. The walk is suitable for people with an average level of fitness and takes about three hours return from the car park area on Somerville Road to Shelly Park Beach. The extension section of the walkway up to Hayley’s Lane adds an additional hour to the walk.

There are shorter walk options. The Rotary Loop is a short half hour loop track leaving from the main car park area. There is another option of walking up to Archie’s Lookout and back to the main carpark across the pasture.

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