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Adrenalin Forest – Tauranga


High wire! – High Excitement! – High Adrenalin!
Live on the edge and set yourself free.
Realise your potential and get your blood pumping at Adrenalin Forest’s multi-level aerial obstacle course. Adrenalin Forest is a great confidence builder and adrenalin rush.
How far are you prepared to go? What are your limits? When was the last time you felt truly challenged? Do you feel nervous… yet? MORE

Otorohanga Kiwi House


Visit the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park – New Zealand’s largest private collection of native birds and the best place in NZ to see a Kiwi!
Enjoy close-up viewing of our national bird, the Kiwi, in specialised nocturnal enclosures.
(We guarantee that you’ll always see a Kiwi)
Walk through New Zealand’s largest dome aviary.
Meet the unique Tuatara reptile, which pre-dated the dinosaurs.
Learn about New Zealand’s many rare birds and enjoy a picnic in beautiful park-like grounds filled with a huge range of New Zealand’s unique plants. MORE

Go Wild Adventures – BOP Lakes


Beautiful… Spectacular… Breathtaking…

Get up close and personal with our awesome Kayaking Tours on Rotorua’s spectacular lakes!
From a short two-hour kayaking excursion, to a full-on overnight or two day trip, or your own customised tour. The Rotorua Lakes district is a most spectacular adventure kayaking playground for children and grownups alike.
Explore the beautiful Rotorua area with our kayaking tours: MORE

Nikau Cave – Waikato


Nikau Cave is less than 90 minutes drive southwest of Auckland, New Zealand, and has thousands of glowworms and amazing formations, but no crowds.
A tour through Nikau Cave is personal and unhurried. It is great for birthdays, social clubs, team-building exercises and wet days.
A beautiful café provides the ideal place to start and finish tours, and is the perfect place for a relaxing day trip or refreshing getaway. MORE

Kiwi River Safaris – Turangi


River activities are fantastic for families.  The combination of being outdoors, exploring the path unknown, having a water fight and taking on Mother Nature brings out the best in families.  You may be surprised to see how your family members will look after each other on the river and how proud your kids will be of the challenges you conquer together. MORE

Native Nature Tours


Native Nature Tours gives you an authentic cultural and eco tourism experience steeped in New Zealand Maori culture. Get up close to majestic trees and indigenous bush on a guided trek through unspoilt forest on ancient tribal land. Learn the secrets of the intimate connection between Maori tribes and these primeval rain forests. MORE

Rapids Jet – Taupo


Fun, Safe, Exhilarating – Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed!
The Jet Boat is a New Zealand icon, and jet boating is a favourite activity for Kiwis. Set in the beautiful Aratiatia Scenic Reserve is New Zealand’s best white water Jet Boat Ride, Rapids Jet.
Conveniently located just 15 minutes drive north of Taupo and 50 minutes south of Rotorua, Rapids Jet operates on the biggest rapids for commercial jetboating in New Zealand. MORE