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The Point Sheep Shearing Show – Kaikoura


Come inside, gather round and sample a true taste of New Zealand sheep shearing in action!

Get up close to our Drysdale Ram – “Ram-Man” – and let him eat out of the palm of your hand. Taking place in an authentic Kiwi shearing shed you will get a taste of traditional sheep shearing including information on wool types, sheep breeds, tools and the techniques & equipment of the past.
It’s not often you can be as close to the action as you can at The Point Sheep Shearing Show. MORE

Seal Swim Kaikoura


Join us for a totally unique experience seal swimming with New Zealand Fur Seals in their own spectacular environment on Kaikoura’s beautiful coast!
Snorkelling with wild New Zealand Fur Seals, in the shallow waters of the beautiful Kaikoura Peninsula, truly is a unique experience. It’s one of those simple nature experiences that opens your mind to the sheer magnificence of our natural environment and its amazing inhabitants. A breath taking nature activity. You won’t believe how curious, friendly and playful New Zealand Fur Seals can be in the water. MORE